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Late Night Thoughts


Looking at this hummingbird inspired me to think about how we define purpose.
Its so quite as it goes flower to flower.  Its unassuming , Its unique and it has a purpose. 
Everything has a purpose. A reason for being.  Never minimize your purpose by judging the significance of your role.


Skin Deep: I wear Confidence

For a while I focused on everything external. I thought if I looked the part, I would feel better about myself. I was fixed on hair, make up, the latest fashion , shoes and my image. I obsessed over looking like the images I on tv and magazines.  I was pretty self centered.

Looking back at my more immature self, it is clear that the only thing I didn’t wear well was confidence. I may have looked like I had it all together,  but I was empty on the inside.  Who was I without all the Glam?  I was afraid to find out.

I was using the external build up to compensate for the lack of self esteem and confidence I didn’t have. I was missing the confidence needed to know that I am beautiful being me, no cover ups.

Know there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good. I just came to realize that I didn’t need to hide behind anything .

Skin deep,  I am authentically me. I am beautiful.  So Skin Deep Collections is dedicated to all girls and women.  Its dedicated to our journeys,  our experiences, our growth,  pain and triumph.

So today I wear confidence.  I wear it because I know who I am. Know when I add the Glam, I can have more fun because the Glam is just an extension of who I am.

Who I am , who you are is uniquely divine.  Our Motto : Deeper than the skin, reflecting what’s with in.
Join us as we reclaim our beauty.

Introducing Skin Deep Collections: Poetically



Mama told me beauty was skin deep

She said the truth of you will glow

More radiant than any cocoa butter

Shine brighter and glow

Cause it’s something deeper

Than a pretty smile

It’s something richer

It’s that thing that no one can quit

Put their finger on…

Its skin deep

It’s in the heart; it’s in your spirit

It’s warm, it’s giving

It’s like love and all good things

Its beauty undefined

Its skin deep

She said I would become

Everything I was on the inside

Skin deep

Collecting all the parts of me

Skin Deep Collections …