For a while I focused on everything external. I thought if I looked the part, I would feel better about myself. I was fixed on hair, make up, the latest fashion , shoes and my image. I obsessed over looking like the images I on tv and magazines.  I was pretty self centered.

Looking back at my more immature self, it is clear that the only thing I didn’t wear well was confidence. I may have looked like I had it all together,  but I was empty on the inside.  Who was I without all the Glam?  I was afraid to find out.

I was using the external build up to compensate for the lack of self esteem and confidence I didn’t have. I was missing the confidence needed to know that I am beautiful being me, no cover ups.

Know there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good. I just came to realize that I didn’t need to hide behind anything .

Skin deep,  I am authentically me. I am beautiful.  So Skin Deep Collections is dedicated to all girls and women.  Its dedicated to our journeys,  our experiences, our growth,  pain and triumph.

So today I wear confidence.  I wear it because I know who I am. Know when I add the Glam, I can have more fun because the Glam is just an extension of who I am.

Who I am , who you are is uniquely divine.  Our Motto : Deeper than the skin, reflecting what’s with in.
Join us as we reclaim our beauty.