The “Little Black Dress” has perhaps been one of the most quintessential weapons in a women’s closet.
Its simple, sexy, sassy, and sleek ( 4’s). Pair it with a blazer and your set to go to an interview or to the office.
Lose the blazer and pair it with some sexy pumps and your ready for a night out. ” The little Black Dress” only comes out for certain occasions, making a lasting impression and always staying with in season.
If your a color lover like me, one cant help but wonder; Is the ” Little Black Dress” lonely ? (Lol) Seriously, what about colors like:  mauve, rose, daisy yellow, red blossom, etc. I think its time to open up the closet to a variety of cute little numbers that are bold, fun, and creative. Let’s give the ” Little Black Dress” some friends, let other colors have a turn to  wear your skin and make you stand out in any crowd. Add more to your arsenal.