I will be the first to admit that there is nothing like a lovely pair of hills that make you smile ( yes shoes can do that) . Even better is the joy of catching a sale or finding an exclusive brand that none of your girlfriends own ( the looks on there faces) , lol.

Yes, we love our hills. We love how they accentuate our figures, legs, dresses, and jeans BUT , there is sometimes a greater price to pay than the retail cost. Yes, the soar heels, pinched toe or tires and occasional sprained ankle. That’s right these things have been known to happen from walking in out beloved pumps.

Even the most seasoned of women like models and women who have been trained in birth have had some slip ups. With the revolution of wedges, sling backs, thicker hells, lower arches and rounded toes, woman have gotten some relief. ( Maybe)

At the end of the day you have to take each step in stride, with a smile and silent breaths. Lol