To All Brown Girls Around The Globe: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN SKIN.


She asks me:   Do you think I’m pretty?
I smile looking into her eyes “Yes”
She replies:  Pretty to be a dark skin girl or just pretty cause I am?
“Being colored is a metaphysical dilemma, where still trying to conquer”
Wishing I had the simplest of words to make her understand
That her beautiful dark skin glows cause GOD kissed it
Making her a shade different and ambient all its own
Her color is but a reflection of deep melanin from with in
Giving life to all things that breathe and sing
She is not the prototype of Eurocentric imitations of Mona Lisa
No, she is the SOUL of Beauty
The very concept of full lips, thighs, breast and derriere
Is the hour glass figure!
Her dark skin has been ridiculed, hated, misunderstood and under represented
Exploited by other brown faces that didn’t realize they were just a different branch on
The same tree.
I told her she was exquisite she was divine
Pyramid glyph would agree that she is Queen
Every range of shade on our color tree
Starts with the original form of BLACK
Showing her current and ancient dynasties of women
That mirrors what she sees everyday
Her very color is the Science
She is the science … Dark skin Sista
With stars in her eyes
Smiling a million moons
Those who are perplexed by your complexion
Don’t understand the complexities of being
Alive and being women and being Colored
All at the same, it’s quit a fete
So I simply said: Your pretty cause you are, but the fact that you have
This dark skin makes it all the more captivating to marvel at.