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Loving Me Movement: Day 2 ( Guess who loves you more! )


This post is really a think piece. On day two of  our journey we are asked to think about passion and value. Have you ever or are you passionate about something or someone? Do you know the feeling of having a driving force that keeps you going even when you may be tired or frustrated?

If you do , take a moment and think about this: Do you have that same passion and will for YOURSELF?

Often we hear that we should pick a career in something we would do for free. The fact we would do it for free is a test of our love and passion for what were doing. So why not make LOVING and EMBRACING who you are your CAREER.

Think about times in your life when you felt better about yourself. Know think about how that state of being translated into all you did.

When we become our main priority we are better for all things and people around us. It truly is all about you! You are worth the time, energy, passion, work and most importantly love.


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Loving Me Movement: Day 1 ( I Like Me)


Today is all about LIKING YOU ! Yes, you. On the road to self love, we should first acknowledge what we like about ourselves. I know it sounds very simple, but it not. So often it’s easy for us to say what we want to change about ourselves or things we don’t like. We are going to spend today writing, thinking and saying all the things we like about who we are.

Start with things you like:

Internally ( Compassion, Character, Humility, Patience, etc )

External (  sense of style, body type, skin tone, it can even be the fact you dress appropriately) Try not to just focus on how you look. Think about how you may be a great communicator. External Assets are those things you give off from you everyday, like your smile.

Life Style ( eating habits, exercise routines, hobbies, clubs, traveling, etc.)

Experiences ( What experiences in your life do you like and value? What experiences make you feel good about who you are? )

These are just a few things, you can certainly add more.

  • If you have a smart phone or ipad/tablet you can record these thing through out the day or type them on a note pad.
  • If you love journaling create columns and sections and make you list one by one.
  • You can also take sticky notes and write down things you like about you as affirmations and put them on the wall or mirror , etc.

Have fun with it. Make it into a project or activity. Do it with friends, mothers and daughters , sisters, etc.

Loving Me: The Movement for Girls & Women


So often we hear ” Love who you are” . What does that really mean? This is question that many girls and women still have today. We are told to have self esteem, pride, self love, and value, but that’s hard to do when you may not even know why you like yourself. So join me in the Loving Me Movement for the next 7 Days. Yes 7 Days. Know this is not a 7 Day journey to total self love and acceptance of all of your flaws. This is more of a guide or compass to you figuring out why you deserve love and the person to start with is you !

Some things that this 7 Day Movement will challenge you to think about is:

1. What do I like about myself?

2. Can I expect others to love me more than I love me?

3. What is the beauty in my imperfections?

4.Why am I cheating on myself and giving others the love I know I deserve?


And more… I’m excited to take this journey with you. I hope you are. If you would like to join me, like this post subscribe to my blog and share. Also leave comments on how you are already loving you.


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What mark will you leave? What are you giving and sowing know? Right know at this moment. As a girl or woman we have a unique power and responsibility to help shape the world. What is your mark? Comment , Share , Inspire