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Not just another Fathers Day Message


I didn’t want to do a blog just congratulating fathers today because its a little expected. I lost my father at 13 so I know the vital importance of having an active father and how that affects our overall development.

I would like to pose a question. Does our society and culture really honor the role that men in general play on this planet? Know some would argue that we live in a gender biased, sexist and male dominated world,  which to the point may hold truth.

But off if basic observation there seems to be a huge difference in the enthusiasm around mothers day vs. the “oh its Fathers Day, really” mentality. Know this is a generalization. I know there are people who feel it is important to honor father, whether there own or someone else’s.

I just think that on this day fathers get the short end of the stick. Not to mention all the men who may not have there own children, but they mentor , may be big brothers or uncles etc. Do they not deserve any recognition ? Me in my own personal experience received many ” happy mothers day” from men out of respect and not wanting to make any assumptions , so they played it safe. How many men will here ” happy fathers day” from people just passing them by on the street or in line?

I would love to hear thoughts, especially from men.
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Textgram Inspiration: Fearless Tuesday Question


What would you be doing if fear wasn’t a factor ?

Loving Me: The Movement for Girls & Women


So often we hear ” Love who you are” . What does that really mean? This is question that many girls and women still have today. We are told to have self esteem, pride, self love, and value, but that’s hard to do when you may not even know why you like yourself. So join me in the Loving Me Movement for the next 7 Days. Yes 7 Days. Know this is not a 7 Day journey to total self love and acceptance of all of your flaws. This is more of a guide or compass to you figuring out why you deserve love and the person to start with is you !

Some things that this 7 Day Movement will challenge you to think about is:

1. What do I like about myself?

2. Can I expect others to love me more than I love me?

3. What is the beauty in my imperfections?

4.Why am I cheating on myself and giving others the love I know I deserve?


And more… I’m excited to take this journey with you. I hope you are. If you would like to join me, like this post subscribe to my blog and share. Also leave comments on how you are already loving you.


Lotus Flower Bomb: Late Night Thoughts


She blooms in sun, heat, rain
She blooms in cold, pain, dirt
She blooms radiantly

Exploding with life
Giving beauty just by being what she was made to be

She expresses more than what you see
She is symbolic of struggle and strength
Laughter and Tears
All while overcoming fears
She blooms in LA, Chicago, Ohio, DC
She blooms in Canada, Africa, Haita and Beijing
She Blooms with love, genius, talent and grace

She is born
She is becoming
She is learning
She is achieving