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Loving Me: The Movement for Girls & Women


So often we hear ” Love who you are” . What does that really mean? This is question that many girls and women still have today. We are told to have self esteem, pride, self love, and value, but that’s hard to do when you may not even know why you like yourself. So join me in the Loving Me Movement for the next 7 Days. Yes 7 Days. Know this is not a 7 Day journey to total self love and acceptance of all of your flaws. This is more of a guide or compass to you figuring out why you deserve love and the person to start with is you !

Some things that this 7 Day Movement will challenge you to think about is:

1. What do I like about myself?

2. Can I expect others to love me more than I love me?

3. What is the beauty in my imperfections?

4.Why am I cheating on myself and giving others the love I know I deserve?


And more… I’m excited to take this journey with you. I hope you are. If you would like to join me, like this post subscribe to my blog and share. Also leave comments on how you are already loving you.



Color Complex

To All Brown Girls Around The Globe: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN SKIN.


She asks me:   Do you think I’m pretty?
I smile looking into her eyes “Yes”
She replies:  Pretty to be a dark skin girl or just pretty cause I am?
“Being colored is a metaphysical dilemma, where still trying to conquer”
Wishing I had the simplest of words to make her understand
That her beautiful dark skin glows cause GOD kissed it
Making her a shade different and ambient all its own
Her color is but a reflection of deep melanin from with in
Giving life to all things that breathe and sing
She is not the prototype of Eurocentric imitations of Mona Lisa
No, she is the SOUL of Beauty
The very concept of full lips, thighs, breast and derriere
Is the hour glass figure!
Her dark skin has been ridiculed, hated, misunderstood and under represented
Exploited by other brown faces that didn’t realize they were just a different branch on
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Day 2 Morning Inspiration : Textgram


Late Night Thoughts : Security Issues


There is something liberating that happens to our spirits when we make peace with imperfections or insecurities. Just think of how much stuff and baggage we carry because we haven’t reached our idea of perfection. Think about how we beat ourselves up or become shame because we have a flaw of some sort.

This type of self critique is not healthy and does not support you in becoming the best you possible. The only thing that allows us to grow is self exceptance.

Self exceptance has nothing to do with not wanting to improve or be better. Self exceptance says “I realize there are things about myself,  I’m not comfortable with and that’s ok, but I give myself the time and space to improve “. Insecurities give us the oppurtunity to grow,  what’s more beautiful than that.

Let me know how you have made peace with insecurities. Share and inspire.

Late Night Thoughts


Looking at this hummingbird inspired me to think about how we define purpose.
Its so quite as it goes flower to flower.  Its unassuming , Its unique and it has a purpose. 
Everything has a purpose. A reason for being.  Never minimize your purpose by judging the significance of your role.