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Skin Deep Collection’s has been on vacation for a little over three months. Yes, I know I must have the best job in the world! Actually, I needed to live and experience, grow, learn and explore . Coming back with a refreshed, renewed and restored sense of purpose and perspective. So I’m officially welcoming myself back.

Not just another Fathers Day Message


I didn’t want to do a blog just congratulating fathers today because its a little expected. I lost my father at 13 so I know the vital importance of having an active father and how that affects our overall development.

I would like to pose a question. Does our society and culture really honor the role that men in general play on this planet? Know some would argue that we live in a gender biased, sexist and male dominated world,  which to the point may hold truth.

But off if basic observation there seems to be a huge difference in the enthusiasm around mothers day vs. the “oh its Fathers Day, really” mentality. Know this is a generalization. I know there are people who feel it is important to honor father, whether there own or someone else’s.

I just think that on this day fathers get the short end of the stick. Not to mention all the men who may not have there own children, but they mentor , may be big brothers or uncles etc. Do they not deserve any recognition ? Me in my own personal experience received many ” happy mothers day” from men out of respect and not wanting to make any assumptions , so they played it safe. How many men will here ” happy fathers day” from people just passing them by on the street or in line?

I would love to hear thoughts, especially from men.
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Textgram Inspiration: Fearless Tuesday Question


What would you be doing if fear wasn’t a factor ?

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